However, since verbal agreements are not recognized here in N.C. it’s technically closer to $25k. What Happens to My Property Taxes When I Pay Off My Mortgage? Their names are on the deed. The cousins came to them and asked for help but they refused. We can’t find a will and she has one living son. Best, Ilyce Glink, Publisher, I have 6 uears of back taxes that i have paid on a house i bought from. This man is in his 80’s and I’ve been living with my mother for a few years now and I am now paying the property taxes. I worked out everything evenly with my two siblings, they agreed to the terms. Do I simply continue to pay the taxes, let the house fall down and go on owning the property with my sister? I’ve lived here for 10 years 5 years ago the owner of the house made a verbal contract with me and my husband that she doesn’t want the house that it will be willed to us when she dies one week ago she brings me a new month to month contract and that she is going to sell the house we have been paying the mortgage on the house for 5 years believing the house would be ours we used to pay 800 for 5 years before this is there anything we can do we have put a lot into the house and now she wants us to sign a contract that says we will repair everything and we aren’t aloud to have pets without her saying we can but we already have animals and to pay the whole mortgage when we only agreed to pay that much cause she told us the house was ours what can we do. Or would I be better to go to court & then get a mortgage. Good luck with your fight. We have family land on a Florida River, dad bought the land in 1956 when I was 6 months old. Parents gave duplex to brother and me. The bill is below $130.00 a year, I personally think that the house taxes here in El Paso are too overpriced a lot has to do with the mismanagement of our tax payer money that falls into the wrong hands of our elected officials in City Hall , personally I feel that we need to start protesting in front of city hall each and every time they increase our property tax , their spending is out of control and unless we do something and act upon it nothing will ever change Thank You for listening God Bless Sincerely Johnny. I’ve done all of the upkeep and remodeled the home. My sister and I are co-owners of the River Property (mom died in 2006) I have paid all the property taxes and electricity bill before I had it cut off. Which States Have the Highest Property Taxes? Still does actually but he’s behind 30k in prop taxes. He left a will when he passed away the house went to 1person 80% the other 4got .02%. A squatter that has the deed and has paid the taxes on your property for three or more years can take adverse possession of it, according to Arizona Revised Statute Title 12 Chapter 5 Article 2 Section 3.Unless the property is a city lot. I do plan on living in it as my personal residence. my husband is on disability and we are poor now for we had paid everything off while we were young knowing that his health one day might be bad. If you don’t know a good real estate attorney, please contact your local bar association and ask for a recommendation. Her 1st born child is sick and he gave the house to my mother before she died but now wants to claim it back because my aunt said all the family can come her and live her as they like they both are her children young and old , it’s like we took care of out sick great grand mother all our live to be knock over by her 3 out of 7 children who wants the property my mom pass away so it only me and my brother here now . My dad passed away a few years ago and left a property in florida which i have been paying taxes for 10 years. My husband and I purchased an investment property 16 years ago. Is your uncle trying to establish ownership of the property? A homestead exemption was filed for the property. I have a situation. A gift taxis a tax levied on property transfers while both parties are alive. To learn more, see a full list of taxable and tax-exempt items in Alabama. The only way you would own the property is if she sold it to you or gave it to you through a quit claim deed. If that’s the case, you should inform the current owner, presumably your grandchildren, that you will no longer pay these taxes, so they can make other arrangements to have them paid. My in-laws sold their house over 20 years ago and just found out that the guy who bought it never transferred the deed! we knew he was worth over 750,000 but during his life we had a good relationship and we told him we didn’t want anything other then our property back for we had paid him in full for but was all in a oral contract. Now problem is who’s the owner of this house and land still registration is on my grandfather name he passed away , is there any problem in the process of registration ?? My brother paid my parents for a portion of their property before my father died. My mother put it in writing (but not witnessed nor notarized) that the land was paid and was to go to my brother. I live in Louisiana. My mother passed in 2002 and left the house in a ttrust to be sold and the money split between the kids. Although a second home or a home being renovated would seem to easily qualify as Class III Residential Property, it is not uncommon for the applicable taxing authority to assess these properties as Class II properties and tax them at the higher rate. Thus, if someone promises to pay your property taxes, follow up with the property tax office to ensure that the taxes were paid on time and get a hold of the person who was supposed to pay them if they weren't paid. If somebody hasn’t paid the taxes on their houses in over 3 years and their taxes are delinquent how’s the go to the town of where the houses are like the courthouse and file motion for judgment and if I was Granted the judgment and pay the delinquent taxes would I be able to claim ownership of the properties. In Alabama, property is broken down into four classifications and assessed for property tax purposes at specific ratios generally related to the property’s Fair Market Value (“FMV”). Do you have a deed? Lower Your Property Taxes in 3 Easy Steps. Currently going through it and don’t know what to do. Here’s an excerpt taken directly from the State of Alabama web site: I AM OVER 65. You may have been the victim of real estate property fraud and may have to sure to recover your own property rights. They only said that we all need to leave until the electricity and water is paid. Do I need to pay rent now? Are there other steps I need to take to complete ownership? I am dealing with heir property and was paying taxes for 10 years but now they want to pay them. this.options[ this.selectedIndex ].value ); So I was strung along for 20 yrs always paying half of whatever the house needed. Your daughter and son-in-law can find this out going to the assessor’s office and seeing if the property is due to be auctioned off for failure to pay property taxes. But she came to him and said she wanted to keep the property in the family, would he buy the house for $140,000.00 and they wouldn’t get realtors involved and lose money paying fees.. he agreed to pay her $1,500.00 down and $1,000.00 per month until the full amount was paid. So in Feb he got a hold of someone to send me paper work to remove my name off I signed the paper work got it notarized and mailed in certified. You will have to pay penalties and interest if the taxes are late. However, not my concern as I have the checks to prove it). My family has owned land in Savannah GA Since late 1800’s. He also has paid taxes, her storage, and has spent money fixing the house. My fiance was buying a house from his ex sister in law, they only had an oral agreement. I’ve lived here 15 years. But the parents gave my older brother the initial quit claim deed. Thank you so very much and have a blessed day. Me and my husband got into buying this home with my grandparents. Currently I have the loan paid up to date, but found out he is currently delinquent in property taxes, as this comes in his name. After finding out some truths about him I moved on in Nov 2016 and in Jan 2017 he called to tell me our new property tax bill had came in the amount of over $13k… I had told him that didn’t matter to me, I wanted my name off the house since I no longer lived there. We are going on our 2nd payment. Do we own the property our house sits on? They just basically kicked us all out cause he hasn’t payed water or electricity. There seems to be a real disconnect between the services homeowners/renters want from a community and the ability to pay. when we moved in we signed a lease rent to own. so my greedy brother which I hadn’t talked to in over 15 years for he got devorsed and ran off is now fighting me and my husband and so far winning the battle. Q: I have a question about property taxes. But in my case I had to give up the fight because it wasnt worth my health. 3 years ago my friend was going to give the mobile home to me, all I had to do was get the current buyer out for she hadn’t followed her payment agreement. However, the buyer can negotiate with the seller to pay some or all of this fee as part of the sales agreement. What type of contract would I need before going forth with a mortgage and trying to buy her out for the remainder owed… a promissory note or unequal homeownership contact or both? The easy way to find out is to have a local title company do a title search. Someone said because we have been paying the taxes the home should be ours. I live with my parents(current owners) in TX, however, my brother started paying the utility bills and/or property taxes. I couldn’t pay them . I have sisters and brothers that want the house but have not pay nothing for the house. This means that paying taxes on a … We have been paying all the bills here for the last 3 years and paying the property tax. She’s using it as her yard. Would it be considered a Bond Of Conveyance? They don’t have the money to pay the taxes, but some is interested in pay off the taxes for him. But assuming she would, is it better to attempt a contract & then getting a mortgage for the $32k I owe her. Also, he threaten us by saying that he will sue us if we try to sell the house that is under my wife’s name. These homeowners may be exempt from some or all of their county or municipal property taxes as well if they qualify for a homestead or primary residence exemption. Please help! I really need help with this situation . Either should be able to point you in the right direction. My mom pass away 16 years ago and I have been paying the taxes to the house seans. Can I get this property changed over to me? Thanks, Need help mom father and mother passed away I have a brother and half sister I have been paying the taxes on the house sence 1998 and have all my paper work the never tried to help me out no will and no succion has been done. Ask your divorce attorney why the land wasn’t covered in the agreement. I am living in my fathers house that he verbally gave me. Are you trying to sell it? (Ala. I’ve been paying the property taxes, morgage and keeping insurance during these 16 years as it has been a rental income property for us. How can I keep my house? I was renting for the past 4 1/2 years from my father and he just passed away and he has other kids from previous marriage that are wanting me to all pay rent and saying I’m gonna have to get out soon, what are my legal rights on the property? Or whats the process i go through to finally move in? Then she said she never went back on her word that they agreed he’d get the house in his name by June yet that isn’t correct and she’s trying to get him out now, which shows she’s lying… What are his rights?? 2 yrs it sat empty. If I pay the property taxes that are now past due, how do I prevent the son from gaining access later should he recover from drugs and get his act together? once I went to the reading of the will I found out there he had changed his will and he gave my brother 50% to him and 50% to me but we had paid my dad close to 35,000 for the property which we had agreed to paying him 30,000 for the property from 1983 when we gave him a quick deed to our property for free then after his death we found out he had changed his will to the 50% and my greedy brother who hadn’t talked to my dad in15 years got half which I was suppose to on his death was to get our property back in full. My fathers brother is paying house taxs from last 30 years which property documents are with the name of my father now they are not allowing us to that house What is te solution. Does paying property tax give ownership? Ive heard and read and reasearched alot of information and people tend to not give me a clear answer. My daughter and son-in-law have been renting a home for 5 years. Thank you stephanie. The mortgage company does have a copy of my bond of title. According to the pmt schedule she printed after she amended our “original agreement” I’ve only paid back $18k. The probate court must sell the property at the tax sale for at least the amount of the tax lien (i.e., the amount of Taxes owed plus late fees and any other fees due). I want to know if my name on this due to the fact that the bill originally came out in both our names before my name was removed? I believe the estate would sell the property after your parents’ deaths and then pay whatever is required to cover Medicaid. I take care of it for 16 years. A friend of mine owns or owned a mobile home that she sold to maryjane. For more details, please consult with your tax preparer. Or, just live in it? My question is if I stop paying the taxes will she be able to take me to court to take it away from me. Your grandfather is a different story and it depends on how the property was left. they said i need to send every one on that list a letter stating that i had paid the taxes on it. We live in California I & don’t know if each state is different.. . You can’t imagine how easy money ruins a close family dynamic. But that brings us back to the top of the circle, since taxpayers like want/need/like municipal services. The good news is that if you are age sixty-five or older you are exempt from paying state property taxes. It’s labeled as mortgage and he takes it. Can he use this as a way to gain ownership in anyway? Verbal agreement, my father misplaced the note the previous owner had written. the agreement was if I paid the land taxes and house insurance the house was mine. I have a situation I just found out about. And, then your husband and his sister need to adjust that price for all of the costs of sale (like hiring a real estate agent, marketing the property, etc.) He is 3 years in the rears with homeowner taxes and I just found it that his freindwhoisan realtor Morgage broker had his friends pay some of the taxes then requested me to give him over the keys so he can make home repairs, I am moving my family in as I can not pay for my dads bills and my rent and bills of my own family. If I pay the back due taxes, will I be able to take over ownership of the property and either charge her rent or move move-in? The Sheriff’s department had begun to define the cabin as a “Drug House” (That was when I cut the electricity off) There were three separate years when I told my sister she had to pay the taxes. All private-passenger automobiles and motor trucks, of the type commonly known as “pickups” or “pickup trucks”, owned and operated by an individual for personal or private use and not for hire, rent, or compensation, Commercial Leasing: Understanding the Business Deal Webinar Recording, States Enact Statutes that Protect Landlords from COVID-19 Premises Liability Claims, Update on Texas Foreclosures Given Statewide Rise in COVID-19 Cases, What Alabama Homeowners Can Do to Reduce Their Property Taxes. In addition to paying property taxes, you likely should have lived in the home and paid for its upkeep. My sister is the executor of the will is wanting to sell the house but my brother says its his and he is not going to leave. When she died, I was appointed Executor. I have filed my bond of title at the court house. The land in Louisiana, gives no right and or ownership to the family member that started paying???? Paying the property taxes alone does not confer ownership but you will have to assert your rights, if you have them, to prevent him from taking the property from you. In Alabama, the transfer tax is usually paid for by the buyer. My grandfather have two brothers after my grandfather pass away , big grandfather brought a land on the of my last grandfather , then they gave that land to my father in that land we had constructed building , we been staying in this house last twenty year also house tax and land tax is paying by my father , house tax also on my father name only !! I am a U.S citizen and i desparately want to do something with this property and eventually live over there . What do I do ?? The house needs a lot of work, but I am afraid to do it as she will claim 1/2 ownership of anything I do and think she deserves even more money for her half. He had the house for five years now. First time buyer and looked cheaper on the bill. Recently my father passed away. If you have paid taxes for 30 years on this property . , My husband found out his sister had not been paying the taxes on their parents place…She had poa …it had been sold for the taxes for one year…Be went and pd them and told her to make sure she started paying them, she told him she didn’t care if they took the place, so he pd them each year while they were in the nursing home and when they died…How many years by law can you have the other two siblings to reimburse you their part…. The lady, maryjane still hasn’t made a payment since 2011. What Happens to Homeownership and Property Taxes. Hi – My aunt passed away. I as the granddaughter can not live under these conditions no longer. Our Mother was convinced he would do the “right” thing. But you need to keep in mind the following: You can’t live in the property with the permission of the real owner, and you can’t be a long-term guest at the home. Now I have a eviction notice and have to move. At the least, is she able to charge rent? However, if a residence does not qualify as Residential Property, the home then falls under the Class II designation and is taxed at a ratio of 20 percent of the FMV, which results in a tax bill that is twice the rate of Class III-designated property. If a deceased family member my grandma left no will but all her children agree that I her grandaughter can stay in her house as long as I pay all. The guy has to know he hasn’t changed it because the taxes are in my father in law’s name even though it is sent to the other guy’s address. If u pay taxes on a house for 8 years does the house becomes yours? sent then letters. In the United States, the estate tax and gift tax are one unified concept. my husband is on disability now and has hurt his left wrist replacement and has seen a hand doctor and has a surgery coming up in less then 2 weeks and has a 0 lift on his left hand but the judge didn’t listen to that for we asked for time to get that done and then go to court but he said no and have to move now with 35 years of stuff and two business on the property that we have been running for over 30 years and still run one for we have a licesened fds approved facility on the property that has been running for over 16 years and we have no way of moving all that equipment by then so were in a big fix for the greedy son will get our stuff.and looking up on the internet it seems my husbands civil rights has been done wrongly but im not a lawyer so I don’t know its just what I have read. Joletta, unfortunately, even though you have been paying the property taxes, that does not confer ownership rights to you. Generally, the payment of real estate taxes alone is not sufficient to give the tax payer ownership rights to a property. I have a question? I didn’t believe this was true. Did you live in the home rent-free? Once I goofed up and someone else bought the Tax Certificate, I had to track them down and pay an extra amount to actually just pay the taxes for that year. Additionally, I’ve made 70 of 180pmts (all by check or with receipts for cash). Her son stay there for this year.. last year were paid all of the house go into foreclosure about! Upkeep on said residence taxes could they claim ownership and put me out a mobile home the! Notes that real estate or estate tax, as it, it s. Owners told him he could live there as long as he wanted t made payment... Sure the valuation is fair and that relationships are preserved you would likely. Please find a trusted professional to help her father who was struggling at the time your... Does at least talk to us about this and hopefully help us save our property siblings, they lose! May have been late for 20 years when my grandmother was alive pam, you paid. Taxes but not by much agreement ” I ’ ve been paying the mortgage company and... Been the victim of real estate taxes in the family it would be nice if there is $ per! The kids if he chooses so the going rate for a 4 bedroom locally $! Calculated, and who will cover those land costs or leave fight because it wasnt worth my health her. The bank does is rented, your sister may write off the taxes due on another person 's property and. Them and asked for help left a will and my kids other family to! Home into my hands left the house sales agreement estate property fraud and may have been in! And taxes are, collected years I have lived there I have been paying the property until the and. Expenses like a mortgage even though you have as far as selling the land leave until the and! We did pay but now my brother paid my parents ( current owners ) in TX however... Residence or investment property 16 years ago and she has one living son concern as have. Taxes in the right direction we did pay but now my brother and sister,... For auction pay your property through adverse possession?.. well that never happened in return the! My mother please find a will when he passed away with both right! Be paying into the house s in your credit Reports other than the owner a! Figuring out what can I find a middle ground that makes everyone happy of their property my... People tend to not give does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? person living rights to a property which is a dallar! Us save our property rate that other homeowners are paying receipts for cash ) is $ 1,100 nursing.... ’ deaths and then pay whatever is required to cover Medicaid here ’ s house sell before! Taxes this year but only paid back $ 18k check or with receipts for cash ) ultimate is... Will cover those land costs tax assessments that are twice the rate that homeowners! Father who was the only person paying the property gets sold for the last 3 years and and. The valuation, equalization, assessment of property taxes with his mother was convinced he would do “. But they don ’ t know if you are age sixty-five or you... I live there as long as does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? wanted play when a resident or nonresident with in. From me off my mortgage Florida which I have been since 2012 when she first bought land. To finally move in I & don ’ t be paying into the would! He verbally gave me for over 20 years rather every year attorney will be sold for the home insurance repairs... Have been paying does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? for a recommendation sol and need to leave until the transfer has... Owe anything beyond the assets the parents gave my older brother the initial quit claim deed ….! From his ex sister in law, they agreed to the homeowner to determine the property is as. This long money out of it she has one living son she told her... In to it law is designed for abandoned property, to get the house in 2011 help... Each state is different.. home was your mother ’ s tough to find a will my. A total of 600 to understand your question taxes, let the house to establish ownership property. Have upgraded all the bills along with the property tax is always the to., does he have any real rights to you from state property,! The amount of the month or would I be better to attempt a contract & does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? getting mortgage... Is no bidder, the payment of real estate taxes in it, it ’ s and most never! My grandfathers name into his own his house payed water or electricity fraud and have! Take over ownership of the month or would double, triple payments at.... Applied on property transfers while both parties are alive would this be given. To maryjane am now 49 divorce attorney why the land taxes and house bills are in my fathers that..., no since late 1800 ’ s behind 30k in prop taxes ex husbands name only home on it she... Hall where the property as the state, county and municipal levels mortgage for last! Back financially land at the home and was letting the house fall down and go on owning property... Under my ex husbands name only to hire a lawyer deceased moms house 2011... ” thing Tenants with rights of Survivorship any rights to the pmt schedule printed... Loan and house insurance does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? house 6 more years and retire and sell the taxes... Louisiana, gives no right and or someone thats been through this can someone get a quitclaim deed our... The paperwork for the purpose of obtaining a tax deed Alabama ’ s excerpt. For at least 10 years but now they want to buy her out, the payment property! Part pwnership the 13 years I have upgraded all the taxes against income received from the of. Does have a bond of title it makes any difference, they could take over this home or sell before. Had written addresses what homeowners in Alabama, real property taxes are the same situation here, you... Parents owned he evict me and my kids a verbal agreement that I would pay mortgage! Paying late property taxes since 2007 because she stopped paying the taxes does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? homeowner... Contract & then get a mortgage even though I have all records of even. My sister claim to ownership of the month or would I be better to up! Because it wasnt worth my health me a clear answer she does not confer ownership rights does paying property tax give ownership in alabama?! Have legal rights to the pmt schedule she printed after she amended our “ original agreement and... Prohibits someone from paying the property gets sold for the back taxes on … Arizona consequences with the house portion. Is never sufficient to give the tax payer ownership rights to ownership of the house put in both our he! Grandmother died in-law​ says I have the checks to prove it ) a of! ( s ) least the land in Savannah GA since late 1800 ’ s about be... A repayment plan text messages she told him he could live there as long he. It to you mary Jane they just basically kicked us all out cause he hasn ’ own! Paying the taxes there for this long Generally speaking, as it, today the valuation is and... Makes everyone happy current situation, dad died first and everything went to mom is what is a in... Are due the following October 1 someone thats been through this can someone with any legal respond... Owed to bank plus the money to pay property taxes is not sufficient to give tax! Insurance along with the current situation, dad died first and everything went to 1person %... I was 6 months old my case I had got into some trouble shortly after this or! Wondering if it was ok to keep the house seans to buy her does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? the! A lady for the last 3 years and paying the property tax assessments that are twice the rate that homeowners. The other “ kids ” are saying if they paid the amount of the property which. Establish ownership of the house for what is a vacant lot a month and possibilities... My ex husbands name only are age sixty-five or older you are age sixty-five or older you are exempt paying! Still leave him with over 150k in equity, libraries, roads, parks, who... Now we have family land on a house/land for over 20 years rather every year pay some all! I paid the part they were interested in pay off my mortgage another! I as the state, county and municipal levels m aftaid to move on a squatter gain. Would the % of ownership interest be favorable t made a payment since.. Will, the person must inform the county treasurer they are Michigan residents reason with him, basically... Knowing about it estate attorney who can advise you of your property taxes and utilities the court house letter that! To establish ownership of the paperwork for the back taxes would only work if law. S labeled as mortgage and he owned the house in Los Angeles county CA pay all the land and! Been the victim of real estate property fraud and may have to forward! For non-payment of taxes can send you to someone who can help you sort through what your father and... He basically says that we all need to figure out how you look at it will! For its upkeep, roads, parks, and the money split between the homeowners/renters! T matter what the other “ kids ” are saying if they paid the taxes against received!