Upon completing the Boat New Jersey Online Course portion of this program, you will be issued a certificate that’s valid for one year. Sun, Mar You will not be permitted to take the New Jersey In-Person Boating Exam without presenting … Well-known in Garden State high-performance-boating circles for his large biceps and even larger personality, Jeff Ackerman died in his sleep sometime between last night and this morning at his home in Boonton, N.J.. Take a classroom course in either one 8-hour day or two 3 1/2 hours evenings. Tue, Washington Township Ambulance Hall Tunersville, NJ 08012. In addition, an NJ boat safety certificate must be obtained by motorists who want to operate power vessels on state waters. True to its name, the Sports Activity Vessel is a seamless and elegant combination of sporting, day boating and overnighting. Overall an excellent beginners guide to boating. 20 14K likes. window.document.write("