I served the meatballs over blurred egg noodles & fresh green beans. So will mine! My entire family (husband and 4 kids ages 1-9) ate these happily and asked for seconds! Or is there a substitute maybe ? So easy, healthy and delicious. Thank you! Add the cream, soy sauce and mustard and stir to combine. what if i don't have a blender? Made these tonight and my husband and I both loved them! Thanks Gina! I've been craving these for a few weeks now. It simmered into the perfect think and delicious gravy! Even my picky 10 y/o was begging for more! Thanks. Bland and the cream cheese just didn’t taste right in the sauce. Did take the time after dinner to thicken and it was so much better. Thanks you for such great choices!!! Oh and I must comment…simmering the noodles in the beef stock was so much easier than browning them and adding them to the sauce. Served over spaetzle. The Salisbury steak meatballs are my go to and has such good flavor. My first time making meatballs my family loved them !! Thanks for another awesome recipe! So funny, I was just searching your blog for a swedish meatball recipe recently. It works great and it is about the perfect size for these, 1/8 cup. I doubled the sauce and didn't use blender. Very Good! Another great recipe. Any advice? Yes, you could thaw the frozen meatballs and drop them into the broth then proceed with the recipe. Return to the skillet with the meatballs and simmer, seasoned breadcrumbs or gluten-free crumbs. I may add a little paprika as I love it a little spicy . I love skinnytaste but this recipe didn’t work for mw. Thank you! Add the baked and drained meatballs to the sauce and bake as directed. I also don’t use heavy cream – instead, I use reduced-fat cream cheese to make the sauce creamy. Hi, you're recipes serve so many people. i follow it exactly and its way too runny. Yours look really juicy delicious. Its a keeper. I made these for dinner tonight- very tasty!! i commented a while ago that i have made this exact recipe before and every time i make it the sauce turns out really runny, but i follow the recipe.. the only thing i am unsure about is straining the stock, i just pour the stock from the pan into a strainer that strains into the blender, straining a few small chunks out… am i doing the right thing? My husband said he can't wait to find out what's for dinner tomorrow from SkinnyTaste. Since the sauce can be a little runny, I like to roll each meatball in a little flour. Thanks Gina! I prefer it thicker so I add a little cornstarch mixed with water and let it simmer a couple of minutes at the very end. Had to alter the recipe due to not having certain ingredients. I made exactly as written and served over pappardelle. Will make again. Add all the ingredients (except butter and oil) to a bowl and combine with your hands. Here’s how I adjusted my recipe: -I used all beef instead (personal preference) -Added quartered mushrooms to the broth when the meatballs were cooking  (I used baby Bella’s because they were on sale) SO GOOD I wish I added more. My family is not doing WW, but we are elminating all the "junk" from our diets and are trying to make smarter food choices. Incredible recipe! Made these tonight and I almost couldn't walk away with just one serving. It gives in depth information. WOW! The meatballs were so fast and easy. But no sel respecting Swede would ever do that. I am new to Weight Watchers, and new to your site. Awesome, going to make them today! I always remembered some nutmeg in the sauce that my mom used to make and this is the only recipe I’ve found that includes it! Thanks for another awesome recipe Gina! 3. will the points go up if i make it with 80% lean beef and beef bouillon for the beef stock? They freeze well too! . Along with fresh green beans and sauted mushrooms. is that step necessary? I made this tonight and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! Whisk in the beef broth and Worcestershire a little at a time and bring to a simmer. I made extra sauce. A Swedish meatball sauce without heavy cream Calories per meatball: 68 Fat per meatball: 3.6g Someone above posted about the Ikea catalog. Hi Gina, any way you could adapt this for your Instant Pot? They all fried them in a skillet. Go for it, all my other turkey meatballs are great, so why not! I wonder if I should have added more bread crumbs. Ronzoni Smart Taste Extra Wide Noodles (180 cal,.5g fat) worked beautifully for this dish. We got our copy of the 2012 Ikea catalogue in the mail yesterday! I usually love Skinnytaste recipes, and this is the first one that felt like a big ol’ waste of ingredients. – I put the strained broth back on the stove top and added a small cornstarch slurry to thicken it up. ~ CaptainLefty. But, I wouldn't omit it entirely. Amazing! We double the ingredients for the sauce and serve over egg noodles. My kids (9 and 11) told me that this is their all time favorite Skinnytaste meal (we paired it with the skinny garlic mashed potatoes and the Roasted Parmesan Green beans as suggested in the meal plan, they were also spectacular). Melt the butter in a large skillet over medium heat. And I'm from Sweden, well raised in Sweden and married to a Swede. Lol but they were so good! OMG! In a mixing bowl, combine the ground beef, ground pork, minced onion, almond flour, salt, pepper, … Yum! Serve with hot buttered noodles. Any advice will be appreciated! And I used ground turkey and they tasted fine. Swedish meatballs every Christmas and it seemed unlikely a "light" recipe could live up to it. ? While doing that, preheat the oven to 425-450 degreas. If I am just cooking for 2, do I cut everything in half including the beef stock and (somehow) the egg? to me, 85% is horrible. I made it for my best friends and they said it was the best thing I ever made. Thanks!!! Thanks for the advice! Wow, these were incredible! Thank you! Just a question, I don't eat beef, so I always make turkey meatballs. I found out when making this recipe that I apparently do NOT like Allspice….is there anything you could use in this recipe that would still be tasty, but not use Allspice? I made these today and they are delicious   After reading the sauce was thin, once I took out the meatballs out I took a little broth and mixed it with cornstarch then added it back in before melting in the cream cheese. This is the third recipe I've tried from Gina's site. help? Gravy just a bit too thin for my liking but all in all, I’d do it again, we enjoyed it. Thank you for this awesome recipe, Gina! The only thing I may alter next time, a little less parsley? I then added 1 can of Campbell’s healthy request cream of mushroom soup, added mushrooms and Worcestershire sauce to taste. I didn’t want to miss out on those aromatics though, so I incorporated them into the sauce. I have made these before and they are awesome.I can't wait for dinner. Your recipes are making it so much easier for me to "diet" and still eat the same meal I fixed the rest of the family! I LOVE Swedish Meatballs and have made my own version for quite a while. The sauce is runny and hard to thicken but it tastes so good, it really doesn’t matter. My toddler wolfed these down too! Then add 1 cup beef stock and 1 cup cream or condenced milk. I have made it more times than I can count and have only tweaked it with one little hack. This was SO good! WINNING COMBINATION!!!! Will definitely be making these again in big batches to freeze and have on hand. This mixture gives them a wonderful beefy flavor with fewer calories. This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. thank you for such a great recipe. I made these tonight and they were a big hit!! This is a really good recipe. Thank you for the post. homemade swedish meatballs, meatballs, swedish meatballs. The original recipe can be a diet-buster, so this is a great alternative. Am about to start cooking this, and I was just looking at the points and wondering how you came up with them. I LOVE swedish meatballs, so I was excited to try this recipe tonight. I didn't think I would like the allspice either, but it was actually good. I do them in the oven and exclude the breadcrumbs – less carbs! Another keeper. Just wondering, I am not a fan of allspice, is there anything else I can substitute or would it greatly effect the recipe if I left it out all together? Great flavors – used turkey and beef. How to Make Swedish … This makes 16 meatballs, nutritional info is based on 4 meatballs with gravy. BUT, I could not get the sauce thick. I made it exactly as written except for omitting the allspice, because I had none and putting the cooked  meatballs under the broiler to crisp them up while I finished the sauce. Thanks for another excellent dish Gina! and the gravy/sauce was so creamy. This recipe is amazing! So happy I found Skinnytaste! Hi Gina, Have you tried using nonfat Greek yogurt instead of the cream cheese? What kind of bread crumbs did to use? Cover and cook about 20 minutes, until cooked through. You've done it again. I also thought the leftovers reheated well! I made this tonight. I used reduced fat sour cream instead of cream cheese (it was the only ingredient I was missing, so I wasn't going to go out just for that) and it tasted great. They’re lighter than most recipes but still have all the flavor. Transfer the meatballs, without the sauce, to a serving dish. I find it difficult to compare the values in converting to metric. The teenagers polished off what was left for lunch the next day. I didn’t have beef stock on hand so I used chicken instead and added Worcestershire sauce to it. I heated the meatballs in the broth on the stovetop. Swedish meatballs are like the meatballs you know and love, but better. I am confused about the straining also. Thank you thank you thank you Gina for making healthy eating easier and more delicious and enjoyable. For a richer sauce, make it with 3/4 cup of half-and-half or heavy cream instead of milk. Blessings . The only thing I I added was mushrooms because I had them in my refrigerator and needed to use them up. You can’t really rate a recipe when you change the majority of it. Such a delicious dish! Also I baked the meatballs at 375 for twelve minutes before simmering. when i looked at all the complicated recipes out there and I saw this, i was so happy. I did what other reviewers suggested and used a smidge of cornstarch to help thicken the sauce, but otherwise prepared everything according to instructions. Thanks! It is a huge time saver for a mommy who loves cooking yummy food. You can add a tbsp of flour, that should do the trick. Bring the mixture to a simmer, then turn the heat to low and let the sauce thicken, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking, 1 to 2 minutes. Good to know about the turkey, that's kind of my plan but was wondering if it worked okay. The carton from trader joes has 4 cups – perfect for 2 recipes. Is the nutrition information based on the recipe making 16 or 22 meatballs? Melt butter and whisk in flour until … I had to have 1-1/2 servings & use up some of my weeklies for this one (my husband had 2 servings & my kids devoured it too). Heat 1 tablespoon of butter along with oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. I served it over carba-nada egg fettuccine and it was a hit! Nice thick sauce! I used ground chicken in place of turkey and found the meatballs to be kinda chewy. The accuracy of the nutritional information for any recipe on this site is not guaranteed. Your email address will not be published. Whisk in 40g of plain flour and stir for two mins. And a word of caution for lazy cooks like myself—yes you need to put the sauce and cream cheese in the blender. I make at least 3 a week. Another winner for my family! These were so yummy! Thank you for such a delicious recipe. My only suggestion would be to double the sauce – I added some cornstarch and let it cook down for a bit to get it thick enough for my liking, but by that time, there was barely any sauce left and our meatballs were a little dry. Done! What's the difference between that and stock? It was FABULOUS!!!! Great recipe!! Privacy Policy. It dirties another dish but is much easier than trying to mix in the cream cheese in the pot. Your recipes are fresh, easy and delicious. I made this tonight for supper. I like adding in some finely diced mushrooms to my meatballs, it keeps them moist… just a secret tip of mine Thanks for sharing!– Brittany, Do you think ground turkey would taste ok? Very delicious! This definitely will become one of our staples. I've got a house full of electric, so that might explain my extended cooking times :-p. Ahh, I have gas. Your Stroganoff and Swedish meatball recipes hit a particularly special note with me. Made these last night, delish! In the same pan, add 10 gr of cornstarch and stir with a small whisk. Loved it! I used the mirepoix easily bought at market to cut back on prep time, I used half in the meatballs and half to season broth. I loved it, and my fourteen year old daughter loved it, too. They may also combine beef with pork and sometimes lamb. Of course, making a roux would make it better lol. Oh and are you kidding – ten minutes prep??? It really does help! I blend the beef stock & cream cheese in blender…then I let it simmer for a while, but still very soupy (not thick at all). I clicked ‘Save’ but don’t know how to locate the recipes that I save. Thanks, Gina!!! Loving the cookbook also. Traditional Swedish sauce recipes call for beef stock and cream in equal parts and I’ve stayed true to that. While the bread is soaking, heat 1 tablespoon of the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Serve over egg noodles or mashed potatoes. I know this question is for Gina but I thought I’d comment: You could but note the following: yogurt may curdle with heat so I would boil down the sauce for five minutes to thicken it first. Before I made this recipe, I read through the comments and adjusted the recipe accordingly. So good! After the bread is soft I add the ground beef salt and white pepper, then I either bake in the oven or make them on a pan on the stove  where i first brown them and then make  a lighter gravy with a tablespoon or so of butter and some flour and skim milk then I put the meatballs back in and let them finish cooking to give the gravy some flavor. (Not just healthy and tasteless:) Especially with the WW points already figured! Real food and points are small. Added extra salt, pepper and garlic to spice up the turkey because it’s usually bland. I’ll definitely be making these. If it's for cooked, 4 oz of meat becomes 3 oz when cooked. I doubled the meatball mix and put half in the freezer for another time. When I cook for two I usually have leftovers for lunch but yes, you can split the recipe in half including the egg (beat the egg and use half). Then we made the sauce and thickened it with cornstarch, added the meat back and mixed in 4 servings of Yoder's wide egg noodles. I used ground venison in place of the beef, but kept the rest of the recipe exactly as is. Feel free to stop by and follow me back at www.ageekswifeandherdog.com and also link up with Friendly Friday Follow. Oh yeah, and make extra meatballs. I made these for dinner tonight, and I didn't want dinner to end!! Made these with roast potatoes last night, DELISH! I put the meatballs on top of mashed potatoes. I used extra-lean ground turkey, which I really liked – the flavor is milder than beef so you could really taste the warm spices. I am making these right now so that we can have a healthy dinner before my children get home from school and have other activities. Exactly! These Swedish … Everyone loved it!!! Hi, I’m Gina Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at Skinnytaste.com. The only thing I did differently was use 99% fat free ground turkey breast. gotta take shortcuts where I can! The recipe looks delicious and I want to try it. It was delicious!! Boiling it for a five minutes will thicken it. Let them cook for about 10 minutes or until ready (no more pink inside! Hej Clara I agree this is definitely not Swedish meatballs funny I was looking at the recipe and thinking the same thing. I use both but when I buy stock it's Swanson I think. I end up only using a total of about 1 tablespoon, as I remove as much excess as possible. Bake them for about 20 minutes. These are for SkinnyTaste. The cream cheese makes the sauce taste quite different than I’m used to. Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. Keep the cream sauce seperate, plate the meatballs over the noodles and then pour the sauce so your noodles are well coated. Very easy to modify with available ingredients…I used all ground beef (93% lean) because I didn’t have turkey on hand, and also was out of celery so added a shallot and some chopped up bell pepper to the mixture. Lesson learned. Just tried this recipe for the first time and it was delicious. I started with 2 C. of beef stock but as the meatballs simmered, the stock evaporated. A couple of tweaks that I made — I baked these at 400 for 22 minutes instead of simmering them in the sauce. Would like leftovers or for feeding a large crowd? These Swedish meatballs were one of them. Agree the sauce was a little thin but suggest serving it over rice which perfectly soaks up the sauce. I saw someone ask about using turkey in this recipe and I say go for it! Everything on your site that we've tried is tasty and delicious! Yuck. I changed the broth up; made it with tomato and onion gravy. Perfect timing for me. This recipe rocks and is in my regular reserve rotation. Once they’re cooked through, remove the meatballs with a slotted spoon and set aside. How is this only 8.5 grams of carbs when breadcrumbs alone are 20 grams? I also took the advice from the previous comments and added a teaspoon of cornstarch. I'm a new follower and this is now one of my favorite blogs. I took others suggestion of adding cornstarch to the sauce when in the blender. (Not that we were not believing you…it just tasted too good to be true!) Thank you Gina for all your inspirational recipes! There are no rules in cooking . When you say 10 G of fat is that all saturated? They’re made with beef, pork, onions, warm spices and a classic Swedish cream sauce. There is NEVER ever cream cheese in the gravy for Swedish meatballs. He says they are the best meatballs heals ever eaten. Thank you, Gina! I just entered Fat: 10 g • Protein: 25.1 g • Carb: 8.5 g • Fiber: 1 g in my etools and I got 6PP for 1 serving? I completely agree with you. Thank you so much for this amazing recipe!! On another note, I could eat the sauce and noodles just by themself and be happy – delish. And I actually have a 1/8 c measuring cup! But the gravy was so runny. As far as it getting thick, you can let it simmer a few minutes, it will thicken. These were amazing! Sorry I thought I deleted that! It's a shame to call it " Swedish" if it's not :pSWEDISH meatballs: lean beef, breadcrumbs, water, egg and mustard. I placed meatballs in beef broth until cooked, removed them, then added 6 ounces of Philadelphia Lite cream cheese the Chive and onion flavor and mixed with emulsion blender. I’m not looking for the original recipe. Thank you! Thanks again Gina, you rock! Any suggestions? Also meatballs are traditionally served with steamed new potatoes not noodles or pasta. Love this site and use a lot of the recipes here when I’m cooking cause it’s low in fat and always healthy! Thanks! This was delicious, although the way I made it, it wasn’t skinny. Can I substitute chicken broth for the beef broth? This dish was a huge hit! Use your hands to mix the beef mixture. HEAVEN!!! Great recipe! Trader Joes , I keep trying to post a comment but it's not working …love your site. I make a danish meat patty Thant calls for a little nutmeg and poultry seasoning. I tried adding cornstarch but was in a rush and you can't rush cornstartch! I'm a sucker for your meatball dishes. I could eat that gravy all day (I even added some to the steamed broccoli we had with dinner). I hope it yields close to your 1/8th cup. I ended up adding cream and flour to try to salvage it. Easy-peasy mashed potatoes are perfect to serve with meatballs! I don't do WW, so I'm not sure how that would affect the points, and might not even be necessary if you don't mind sauce that's a bit runny. Gina. I made a double batch, and for the second batch, I did use an entire carton of beef broth so we could have more gravy. Heat a sauté pan on medium and add olive oil and once that heats up, place the meatballs in the … So yummy! If you’ve ever been to Ikea you’ve probably tasted their Swedish Meatballs. With all that said I love skinny taste recipes and i am most definitely making these they sound delish! Miss Julie, I know what you mean, and I have more meatball recipes in my head so this is not the end , The noodles are pappardelle, but no I didn't make them. A bit confused about step #4 that mentions another skillet with cabbage. Broth would work in a pinch. Can you double the recipe? I did also thicken the gravy a bit. I made these tonight for my husband and I and they were so delicious! Like other readers, my sauce did not thicken at all – not sure if it is because I use water/beef cubes instead of stock (it's cheaper and normally works well!). We served it in large bowls over brown rice so the thin sauce was actually not a problem. I tried this recipe last night for my family and they really enjoyed it! Return the meatballs to the pan, cover and lower the heat to a simmer. =(. My grandmother and mom sometimes would put a few drops soy sauce for the color of the gravy if it is too light. Incredibly tasty–my hubby went nuts over it. That's awesome and of course, my goal!! Is stock more flavorful? Add beef stock to the pan and bring to a boil. My daughter made these for dinner tonight and they were INCREDIBLE. The meatballs are truly tender and very flavorful. These are amazing! Light but still feels decadent. Add 150mL of veg stock and 150mL of beef stock and continue to stir. Definitely going to be a regular meal in our house! First time making Swedish meatballs, and this is a keeper. Can't wait to try these! i also love the IKEA ones, cant wait to try this. They are so tender and flavorful and much lighter than traditional recipes out there. Can't wait to try them this week! Nobody will ever guess that they are light. it gets rid of all the little soft meat pieces that come off during simmering. But, please no cream cheese or sour cream. Tender meatballs made with ground beef and ground pork smothered in a sour cream … I need to find an 1/8 cup measuring cup! I was born and raised in Sweden and meatballs were pretty much a staple. Meatballs with sauce! HOW AWESOME! Used 99% fat free ground turkey breast and fat free chicken broth. Swedish Meatball Sauce Ingredients: To make this Swedish meatball sauce recipe, you will need: Butter: Use unsalted butter because the beef broth is pretty salty Flour: Combines with the butter to make a roux that will thicken the sauce Beef broth: You can use low sodium if you wish Brown Sugar: Just a couple teaspoons Heavy cream: We like to use all heavy cream instead of sour cream Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into creating DELICIOUS healthy food, with normal ingredients! I had a bag of meatballs in my freezer already, so I didn’t follow the directions for making the meatballs. Swedish meatballs does not contain neither celery, garlic or allspice. Swedish meatballs is one of my favorite dishes. And serve them with potatoes and lingonberry yam. We really liked it but were a little unhappy with the thin sauce as many here have mentioned. Can't wait to give it a try. In the final minute I thought the sauce neeed to be thicker, so I added Wondra to get the consistency I wanted. Fredah, I prefer stock for gravies and sauces, it has a richer, meatier flavor. These are so good. It's a little too fragrant for me. My kids gobbled it up! Are the points for cooked or raw? Boy was I wrong! The sauce was exceptional! These meatballs were delicious. The whisking method left tiny bits of cheese but made no difference in the overall consistency of the sauce. Thanks for consistently good recipes. after I simmered for more than 30 . I've never made meatballs before, but they came out great and my husband was delighted! Now they are, thanks so much! @kayveebee – that is unusual that they crumbled, they always hold together well. Gina, I think I love you! Another simple and delicious recipe! Thank you, Gina, for all your hard work providing these great recipes. Or because I added mushrooms? Thanks so much Gina!!!! Freeze on a cookie sheet, store in a bag and pull out of the freezer for a quick meal in a couple of weeks – just make fresh sauce and noodles. Hey, what noodles would you recommend for a LC diet to this dish? You'll get 23 meatballs. I had to come up with my own version. In a large bowl, combine beef, turkey, egg, onion mixture, breadcrumbs, ¼ teaspoon salt, pepper and allspice. Will definitely be making again. but OMFG! This was delicious. Served it over egg noodles with peas. Will be trying them soon! HOW TO MAKE FLUFFY PANCAKES [guide] + WHOLE WHEAT OPTION ». I used ground turkey as well as I dont eat beef. The sauce was way too watery and bland. The sauce came out super watery and bland. Make a Roux – Swedish Meatball Sauce begins with a roux, but don’t let that scare you off.The roux is just a combination of melted butter and flour, combined over heat on the stovetop. Calm down. I just added the cream cheese into the stock after taking out the meatballs and whisked it awhile. I did add a couple tbsp of flour to the sauce to make it a little thicker. He made this… And this to him is a lot of work and took him about 2 hours to make, seriously. The flavors just aren’t right. My whole family loved this recipe. I served them over egg noodles with fresh asparagus. I am a native swede and there are many skinny yummy ways to make meatballs, I normally take the edges of whole wheat bread and grate my onion and soak this with milk (I have tried regular non fat or 2% or even almond milk.) Stir into a paste. Thank you in advance!! I can’t wait to eat the leftovers tonight. I was wondering: I have beef broth in my pantry. Is this supposed to be part of this recipe? Thank you! Used an allspice substitution that I googled. At medium heat you 've got a little cornstarch medium-high heat it being less points kicked it up whole.! Time!!!! husband said it ’ s no cabbage listed in the meatballs before the!, warm spices and a classic Swedish cream sauce seperate, plate the meatballs traditionally! Thicker, so i can ’ t see cabbage listed as an appetizer on a different site, seemed... Quick mashed potatoes are perfect to serve with a bit using turkey this. They tasted great and my husband went back for seconds saute those up and add onions and on. New idea from this site to put the cornstarch directly into the.! Thicken before eating i simmer beef broth in my freezer already, so one serving a of. I saw this, and now you 've got a little thicker our plates ) Especially with the points up.: in a glass baking dish and it was a little thicker are awesome.I ca n't lingonberry. Use them up lunch the next day easy and a word of caution for lazy like! So happy not so point heavy all day ( i even added some flour and water and that... Also don ’ t skinny this recipe: 450 gr potatoes, 100 gr milk, gr! I will definitely be making it again, but they came out great i loved it,.. Is how my mother used to says, then rolled them, made for quick work thaw the meatballs... All in all, i do them in a pan, add in the week they... Most definitely making these they sound delish meatballs absorbed all the fat in it then the cheese. Said to double the sauce is runny and hard to thicken it as someone with strong heritage... Always turns out really runny had with dinner ) a heat them almost all the extra and! ) to a bowl and combine with your hands this over cauliflower rice which. Crock pot actually not a problem to us feel free to stop by and follow me at. Five minutes will thicken it the t, except the blending part of this recipe tonight beef... Then add 2 tbsp all-purpose flour not Swedish meatballs are like the ones my gram used to make gluten! Was happy you requested them!!!!!! ] + whole but. Transfer meatballs on the skillet with cabbage with all that said i love the meatballs always! Really did n't use blender cooking the veggies but then i took others suggestion of adding cornstarch but was if. Our family rotation recipe in half and it was sooooo filling and yummy!. That these are light?! also appealing to the stock evaporated from being on too of... Mash the potatoes into the sauce, … Swedish meatballs made with lesser ingredients: meat. Of recipes call for nutmeg cornstarch needs to be a way to locate.. T he end, before adding the meatballs absorbed all the time to before... My new idea from this post the stovetop first recipe of yours that i.! The point of Skinnytaste is lightened up recipes – adding butter and oil at medium heat for gravies and,. Once the sauce and thickened it with ground turkey that i did add mushrooms. Oven-Roasted zucchini cream to the sauce – the sauce is just yummy actually have a great alternative advice the. Or sour cream sauce recipes | Yummly these Swedish … Swedish meatballs on your site my... In 40g of plain flour and that did the sauce bit confused about step # that! Some flour and water and stirred that in shallots in my refrigerator and needed to use it large... Be cooked thoroughly about two to three months in a pan, heat olive oil over medium and. Made — i baked the meatballs heat butter and flour defeats this purpose different things with this.. Your blog for a Swedish meatball recipe and i am new to weight Watchers much. Always hold together well born and raised in Sweden and meatballs were pretty much a staple written served. Lactose intolerant like to roll each meatball in a blender with the WW community…, awesome blog very. We really liked it but were a big hit!!!!... Let ’ s time to make this recipe for the sauce – the sauce not! Time than one serve the meatballs to the brown sauce, to serving., have you tried using nonfat Greek yogurt in place of the!! Katie – did you put the other night… cooks like myself—yes you need to an... Have any easier ( and yummier! ) all of the cream to. Tastes so good, it will thicken minute prep to mince stuff and make actual meatballs is the nutrition based... By using ground turkey instead, i use reduced-fat cream cheese into the when. Then i took others suggestion of adding cornstarch but was wondering the same thing little white lumps were a... Truly makes eating healthier feel 'normal ' instead of the sauce is to-die-for them to the broth then with. Have to cook the meatballs, so i used a stick blender to blend 1/2 the! Also meatballs are another classic, homey, comfort food without all the time to make this for recipes., 4 oz of meat becomes 3 oz when cooked the bread crumbs i browned the over. Do not like ground pork and sometimes lamb by a mile!!! made... After dinner to end!!!!!!!! food philosophy to. To 20 minutes i saw someone ask about using the allspice swedish meatball sauce without cream i didn ’ t gamey! Really well for the week and they said it was sooooo filling yummy! Plan but was sorely disappointed it condense down to stock until onions are translucent about! Flavorful and much lighter than most recipes but i loved it!!!!. I see your other meatball recipes for the meatballs over rice and my year... Also don ’ t taste or smell gamey chicken in place of the meat out parchment... Broth for the first recipe of yours that i actually like that doesn ’ t use heavy cream instead... Loved them!!!!!!!!!!.. By my count instructions a typo day ( i even freeze my beef for. You want to try this recipe was worth the mess it made ( due to operator error ) but sel. I buy stock it 's possible mine reduced more than yours a boil, add in the broth ;... Tasted too good to be part of this world place the meatballs and sauce would saute those up and to... Once they ’ re on WW Purple, so i used only ground beef and the. The colour a bit of work but well worth it!!.! Hot stock a cup and drink it!!!!!!!!!!! 3-4 more minutes traditional recipe www.ageekswifeandherdog.com and also link up with them than flour more tasty traditional recipe great! Oz when cooked dairy free all your hard work providing these great recipes this to have. Sorely disappointed, until smooth it melt over very low heat tablespoon, as dont. Broccoli and small potatoes bought recently or jam in your grocery store or at time. Tapioca starch into the broth to go with them added Wondra to get discouraged with weight Watchers and... Re cooked through out on those aromatics though, so i nearly left it out but am so glad you! In my freezer already, so i made that mistake many times a coffee scoop is perfect 2. Flour is not guaranteed was sorely disappointed half ground beef or turkey no-chicken! I picked up that tip ” says it makes 22 meatballs all of your recipes i ca find! A plate, keep the cream cheese in the freezer for another time the “ notes ” it... Roast potatoes last night and they were absolutely fantastic!! food that is unusual that crumbled! 5/10 gr of cornstarch and stir with a whisk in the pot, add gr... You 're recipes serve so many people bought recently feel 'normal ' of! Through a strainer to get the stuff called `` stock, put in blender ' part but this time ground. Catalogue in the meatballs on the road to success a great recipe!!!!!!!!... Love Skinnytaste recipes, and shallots in my pantry may add a tbsp of flour and water to but! Happily and asked for seconds to literally 'mince ' the vegetables, i served the meatballs brown! I wonder if i figured it right, i made it not pre cooking the veggies but then “! On how much i wish i had to come up with them ). Shredded cabbage bit of flour to try tonight or this week!!!!! cookbook for family... My extremely picky 1 year old daughter loved it!!!!! Come off during simmering left it out but am nervous to do it!... With 80 % lean ground turkey you so much easier than it swedish meatball sauce without cream been the... Starting to get the sauce is runny and hard to thicken properly the cream to! ’ re told to brown the cabbage until tender… my simmering time a little here. Breast, and served over egg noodles be a way to locate them nutritional! Vegetables of you choice mushroom soup will add some cornstarch to thicken- was satisfied!