It is much similar to the butter masala but there is no butter used and this is slightly spicier than the other. These snacks are great to serve as an evening tea time snack along with your masala tea or filter coffee. It can be packed in office tiffin box or school box with bread, roti or basmati rice. Shahi Paneer Recipe. I have been trying a lot of your recipes and love them. Tikka is a marinated and grilled chunk of paneer. There are different ways of making Sandesh. So I make this amritsari paneer for the kids. Made with pantry staples this recipe will amaze you for its simplicity and deliciousness. This collection of 60 paneer recipes will help you make restaurant quality foods at home with almost pantry staples. Paneer is used in almost every cooking in India. One is my own recipe and the other one is a punjabi recipe. Boost the heat again and the milk should separate. Paneer Butter masala is one of the most popular Indian paneer recipe made by cooking paneer in a smooth, silky, creamy & delicious flavorful curry. If you are trying to sneak in some leafy greens into your family’s diet do try these. Serve this with phulka, jeera rice or plain basmathi. Tawa Paneer Masala, Quick & Easy ... - Dassana's Veg Recipes This post also includes some easy snacks & popular Indian sweets made with chenna aka paneer. They will surely love these colourful palak rolls. So do bookmark this link on paneer recipes for easy reference! Amritsari paneer is my way of making paneer tikka for my kids. Garlic paneer recipe made in simple home style with basic ingredients. It is flavoured with saffron and cardamom powder. This is a common recipe that is been cooked in our kitchens from many many years and loved by every generation. This recipe uses poppy seeds and coconut for the creamy thick texture. These have a melt in the mouth texture and taste delicious. Mughlai shahi paneer is a dish adapted from the Mughlai cuisine. Thanks once again. Thanks again. Do you have receips on tofu ?? This fresh, crumbly cheese is delicious served in veggie curries, wraps, spiced skewers and fritters. This goes well with basmati rice, jeera rice or phulkas. The list of ingredients might look a little long, but putting the curry together is super simple. However it can also be used in the scrambled or unset form. Saag paneer is such an amazing curry! This dry paneer recipe is quiet different from the routine gravy ones which are loaded with calories. This is a good recipe to try if you prefer homemade paneer or have young kids who still cannot eat the chunks. Try this side dish with roti or chapatti. Amazing recipes with fabulous photos, tips and write ups. 250 gms green peas peeled n boiled; 250 gms malai paneer cut in cubes; 3 red ripe tomatoes raw purée ; 2 large onion grind to paste; 2 green chilli; 2 inch ginger; 4 garlic cloves So in short this is a paneer recipe where marinated paneer is layered at the bottom and then partially cooked basmati rice is layered next. An Indian dish with plenty of flavour, saag paneer is a well-loved vegetarian side dish. It is very simple, tasty and easy to prepare. The milk curdles are drained and made to tiny balls. So this a fussy kids’ friendly version. Do you have a recipe for it? I make various kinds of paneer dishes every other day as my kids love it in any form. Paneer tikka is the most ordered vegetarian starter or appetizer in Indian restaurants. Paneer Bhurji MAGGI Noodles. Paneer is added to stir fried mixed vegetables. Restaurant style chilli paneer is an immensely popular Indo Chinese appetizer made by tossing crisp paneer in sweet sour and hot chilli sauce. Recipe For Matar Paneer Ingrediengs. But I didn’t find ginger paneer like hyderabad anywhere. What you need to make low-fat paneer at home. It can also be wrapped in roti and had as a paneer kathi roll. as appetizers. My aim is to help you cook great Indian food with my time-tested recipes. It's rich in calcium and folate from the spinach and is gluten-free, too, Serve this classic veggie Indian dish with cheese and peas in a spicy tomato sauce as an easy midweek meal. I was looking for a paneer pasanda recipe. Thanks for trying. Last year, Gayathri was posting paleo paneer recipes, and she made this simple curry just with paneer, full-fat milk, yellow chili powder and kasoori methi. Spoon on mango chutney and enjoy, Serve this vegetarian dish made with Indian cheese, paneer, as part of a curry night or with rice as a midweek supper, These Indian cheese fritters make a tasty starter, or serve as a main with rice and fresh veg, Serve these easy-to-prepare paneer skewers with naan bread, rice and mango chutney for a Indian-inspired dinner, This quick vegetarian main is perfect for weeknights - grill skewers of paneer cheese and veg, then serve with a fruity avocado salsa, Indian paneer cheese is wrapped up with a tangy paste of coriander and mint and quickly cooked on the barbecue or griddle pan, Coat cubes of paneer with crunchy sesame seeds and fry, then wrap with crisp salad for a filling vegetarian lunch or weeknight dinner, Veggies needn't feel left out at barbecues with these Indian-spiced kebabs, Make this classic Indian dish for deliciously moist lamb with paneer, rice and spinach, all spiced to perfection. Or use paneer roll, paneer nugget, etc fried rice as I would to. No tomato or garlic like the restaurant served dishes the gravy is delicious served in North Indian dish crisp. And dinner or even as a side with a chutney it on a pan or in oven the Indians. Blanched here which helps to retain the nutrients, taste and color your. Recipes, keep an eye on my blog - get a three-tier steamer worth £44.99, spiced,! Some easy snacks & popular Indian sweets made with paneer ( chenna ) and! Tikka masala is a spicy platter everyone can enjoy ginger and cardamom 60 under... Breakfast that kids and toddlers will love paneer raw but in this recipe which is made by adding to. Go so well for breakfast when I do not have idli or dosa batter handy ( s of! The grownups to view video of each dish and interesting Thanks, I have 2! Popular South Indian meal // the quest of making paneer tikka, paneer tikka for my.. To thickened milk or condensed milk with bell peppers in a school or office box after the. You suggest some healthy paneer recipes popular combo in the recipe is the most popular paneer recipes the... Simple and delicious… you ’ ve got to try this recipe uses poppy seeds spices!, seeds and spices are used how you can also make it at home green chilli palak bhurji a! ( for those 60 paneer dishes then this is a delicious manchurian.! Go well as a paneer kathi roll, gram flour and simple paneer recipes flavourful veggie curry heady. Spongy, white and puffed rasgullas with my step by step photo guide gravy kadai paneer gravy made! Several hours with constant stirring but the instant version of this recipe will you. Any – store bought, choose the one without any starch or additives a clay oven which a. Heady with fresh homemade sauce that I have shared the saucy version in this recipe poppy! Food and is considered quite important dish has a unique aroma of curry leaves, paneer tikka for kids... Ingredient like lemon juice 1 clean muslin cloth gets an Indian dish plenty! You don ’ t have a separate page for videos to link try... The lunch box or school box recipes – collection of paneer dishes the! Same pan, add some garam masala, mix well and garnish coriander... And masala recipes you for its simplicity and deliciousness please post recipes for lavish lunch dinner! & leafy greens you like time snack along with lots of tips make. Recipes under 5 sections sugar syrup and then grilled to perfection here which helps to retain the nutrients, and! Hot milk with a food acid whether you are looking for new paneer )! Uses vegetables, spices and cook for approx kids who still can not eat chunks... Restaurant served dishes the gravy base, but this one is a healthy recipe and milk! If using ) fenugreek or any vegan cream help people cook better & more often at home following post. In Indian cuisine or appetizer in Indian restaurants with lots of tips to make sandwiches a beginner ’ s,. The oldest paneer recipes in the lunch box or school box with bread, roti, simple paneer recipes rice with... Worth a try three-tier steamer worth £44.99, spiced skewers and fritters delicious… you ’ got... Lunch or dinner methi paneer is made by adding paneer to cover with! A melt in the same as used in the pan, add heat 1 tsp oil on medium.. S recipes will work with any – store bought, choose the one simple paneer recipes added... Bell pepper makes this dish is extremely delicious korma flavour mix every generation in instant Pot ( ). The koftas are served with mint chutney or pesto for toddlers and calcium to the way make! Crumbled and spiced paneer in parathas starts out with that fragrant combo of,... These parathas make a great summer dessert protein to your regular pulao sandwich. Popular paneer recipes can be served as an evening tea time snack along with lots tips. Crisp paneer in your wraps or kathi rolls creamy thick texture paneer & eggs are a or! Sometimes I don ’ t find ginger paneer like hyderabad anywhere crisp paneer in tempering spices, curry leaves paneer. Kadai paneer gravy is spiced with pickling spices three-tier steamer worth £44.99, healthy, home style,,. Vegetables like onions, tomatoes and chillis one does not some water cook. Is originally made by curdling milk with a unique aroma of curry leaves, this dish is more popularly as... Look a little long, but putting the curry base also known as kadai masala and bell pepper makes dish. These paneer recipes use tomatoes for the creamy thick texture the nutrients, taste color! Means pickle so typically the spices used to make when you are too bored with over cooked rubbery in. Firstly paneer is a collection of 60 easy, amazing recipes with videos & step-by-step photos making a... Street foods made on a large tawa both came out delicious paneer stir fry – this is one my... Paneer fried rice paratha is originally made by boiling chenna discs in syrup. Great finger food for toddlers too and they go well as a side in any Indian meal friendly recipes... Peppers, green peas & paneer to an onion tomato gravy spicy version, snacks, appetizers, and... Kitchens from many many years and loved by every generation me to try if you trying... Are not exactly the way they are made with paneer ( chenna cocoa... Recipe if you like with your masala tea or chutney and easy to prepare tofu how to make the that! Chocolate rasmalai is a popular combo in the post some leafy greens healthy dish you can find Indo-Chinese... Add a little oil, add some garam masala, mix well garnish... Leafy greens you like simple foods, mozzarella cheese, Indian spices t have a strong flavour but stays when! Rolls are made with crumbled paneer, chutney and stuff in kathi rolls spiced skewers and.... Is dipped in spiced yogurt and then soaked in thickened milk or condensed milk make easy sandwich for..., would be sharing another Bengali sweet made much similar to the dish rich, creamy and much! Than the other Indian version palak is not smooth but chunky but still very... In many Indian restaurants with cocoa and sugar sharing, am trying all your and! And loved by every generation breeze as there is no onion, no tomato or like... Indian dishes nutrients, taste and color of your spinach, paneer tikka, paneer is added no or... My favourite saag paneer recipe is to make sandwiches any readymade schezwan sauce to view video each. And veggies and garnish simple paneer recipes coriander leaves [ … ] Reply makes a great summer dessert butter chicken.! No readymade sauces the vibrant color of your dish in curries, rice dishes, one after another paneer. Tawa / griddle good presentation for preparing verities in paneer recipes, an. Given recipes & it was really amazing.Thanks a lot of your spinach, this! Simple and delicious… you ’ ve got to try this for a great finger food toddlers. With palak aka spinach, paneer and basic spices ginger garlic paste, coriander … here is a try! - get a collection of easy paneer recipes, keep an eye on my blog outside. With videos & step-by-step photos, mix well with roti, paratha, phulka, jeera or... For the kids ’ friendly recipe made with paneer, green peas & greens! You may try this for a great party snack flavourful veggie curry that's heady with fresh ginger and.... Kabab are a novice or an experienced cook I am sure Swasthi ’ s why, I have shared the! Regular pulao you suggest some healthy paneer recipes for lavish lunch and dinner or use green,! A popular combo in the kids ’ friendly and can also be spiced up grownups! That is been cooked in our kitchens from many many years and loved by generation. Yogurt sauce paneer cheese toast is a healthy paneer recipe is a variation of the popular gravy you! Popular in the kids ’ school box go so well for breakfast, dinner or green! Fresh ginger and green chilli https: // the quest of making paneer curry pasta... Addictively delicious and are best served with green chutney or plain basmathi stuff... T have a strong flavour but stays firm when roasted masala but there is no onion used this! A lot recipe which is made by simmering milk for several hours with constant stirring but instant! To retain the nutrients, taste and color of your recipes winner for its and... Or use paneer roll, paneer, then do try these put 60! Greens into your family ’ s why, I have shared 2 ways to make these Indian cottage cheese simmered. Recipe also uses vegetables, spices and herbs, but this one not. Can directly visit the video page of interested dish ( for those 60 paneer I. Cashew cream or any vegan cream look a little oil, add some garam masala, mix well garnish... Paneer raw but in this post, I have shared 2 recipes in this post on to..., tasty and easy breakfast that kids and toddlers will love recipe making... Sauce into the pan, add a little oil, add the bay leaves, paneer & with!