Spyderco is a well-known knife company based in Golden, Colorado, and has pioneered many features that have become standard in EDC knives.These knives were the first to introduce things like one-handed opening and combo blades for the folding knives. Practicality is an easy one – if you fold your knife up will it still fit in your pocket or on your belt? Assisted opening knives are fun! If you are ever unsure check the net for a certain states laws. Your email address will not be published. Even if it looks into your belt, it gives off the wrong vibe. It also just weighs 2.5 ounces. I personally love the rugged look and feel and I’m sure it will appeal to anyone who likes the military or tactical aesthetic.At the end of the day, this is a big knife. I then considered the Swiss Army Knife a gimmick of a tool until I got into ultralight backpacking as an adult. There’s a lot to know and a lot of misnomers to step around. Choosing the right handle type is a combination of personal style and function. They’re great for fine work and strike a balance between a trailing point blade and a drop point blade. Although this is the first knife we review, it is still early to make conclusions. WhetHer you want to treat yourself or introduce a friend or younger relative to the convenience and efficiency of folding and pocket knives, this is a fantastic, discreet option that’s likely to keep on giving. If you want to use your knife for digging, prying, chopping, hacking, opening cans, and other hard abusive tasks that will affect your knife choice. Need a knife with the best possible edge retention and metallurgical properties tuned just right? Best Folding Pocket Knife In 2020. by Alex shabu. The pocket knife is a piece of all-purpose cutlery that is designed to be carried about in your pocket (or clipped to one’s belt or to the outside edge of a pocket) and used for a variety of purposes from cutting rope and paper to opening boxes, stripping wire and even cleaning fish caught in the wild. With on-blade friction, you’re guaranteed a secure grip when sheathed in the handle, with the frame lock giving you further peace of mind. 100% Reader-Supported. If want to ensure you can reach it whenever, you can take advantage of the pocket clip which is reversible to suit both left- and right-handed dudes. The best pocket knife for the money will vary from person to person with myriad factors coming into play as we have discussed above. All the standard features are here as well. These blades are extremely durable because they leave a maximum amount of material to support the blade. Before buying, think about what you want to use the knife for. Overall the length of a folding knife blade needs to be 3 things: In some areas a folding knife, especially when carried in a pocket, becomes subject to certain laws. The blade provides impressing cutting performance out of the box. 7 Best Folding Knives in 2020. For stabbing and prying, you can’t get much better but I don’t recommend doing that with a knife in the first place. It’s improved with some small changes to chemical composition which supposedly offer increased resistance to chipping and improved edge retention though I struggled to find independent research on the matter. If you’re in the market for an inexpensive knife you can rely on for everyday use at work or at home, that’s also excellent for camping trips, this unobtrusive little guy is one of the best you’re likely to find. They’ll be of valuable service whether you’re installing insulation in the attic, boning your latest catch, freeing the occupant of a car that’s been involved in an accident or splicing wires as you hang your new Tiffany pendant lamp over the kitchen table. Handles are probably the most durable and often the cheapest. Hollow ground edges tend to have the sharpest overall function. There’s a strong argument to be made that anyone would be hard-pressed to find a more functional folding knife in the price range. It also just has that sexy tactical feel. Along its length, these blades tend to be flat on the belly and spine. As for performance, the satin-polished steel is tough and durable, perfect for handling a variety of demands. The blade is perfectly balanced and maintains a fantastically sharp edge while also being resistant to rust even under heavy, consistent use. Pay more and your handle material options may include titanium, bone or genuine hand-carved hardwood. Important things to consider before buying Folding Knife. This type of knife can be concealed with ease for everyday carry and have the same impact as a larger blade. Made from the best materials and ergonomic in design, the knife is both easy to carry and use. If on the other hand you’re a hobbyist with no particular need to be carrying around a state of the art tactical knife, there’s no reason to spend your vacation money on one. No Sponsored Content. This knife has got to be one of the best-selling and most recognizable brands in knife history.It’s hard to imagine a folding knife with more versatility than the Swiss Army Knife. Cold Steel gets a second spot on our list today because they’re one of the only manufacturers producing an all-time favorite style of mine – the Tanto. Micarta, if done right, can be very good at absorbing sweat and aiding grip. These handles feature beautiful swirling colors and can really stand out in a crowd. In some cases, you can get permits for carrying your blades across states lines. If you’re not planning on traveling, this is a remarkable everyday knife that seems like it should cost much more than it does. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. If you use multiple knives on trips, it’s also useful for stopping you having too much stuff in your pockets and means you only have to expose it to the elements when called upon. Today it’s must-have equipment for police and other first responders, rescue crews, climbers, delivery persons, and craftspeople. The design also makes it feel much safer than other knives, with the blade not feeling as if you’re likely to accidentally catch your finger when opening boxes. At the end of the day, however, design is primarily an aesthetic consideration and which design you choose will be determined by your individual tastes. That said, the small skeleton frame design isn’t made for heavy work. Fixed or folding blade? You may not need to use it every day, but if you do, the low-profile pocket clip attaches it firmly and discreetly, yet still simple to take out at a moment’s notice. It’s not going to disappear in your pocket.Best for improved stainless blade steel on a full-size rugged frame with positive grip texture. Far and away the most common is a simple spring lever usually inherent to the body of the knife. Without a doubt the best thing you can do before you buy a knife is think about how you want to use it. he design is the most important factor before selecting any knife. Which type of steel is best for a folding knife? As functional and practical as it is, we also love how stylish it is, and the wooden handle is classy and sophisticated, making it much more of a gentleman’s knife than any other knife around. The blade measures 2 ¾ inches, which is more than enough to open boxes, cut away branches or use in emergencies when required. It’s not because they break, it’s just because I keep losing them. The handle also offers excellent traction, and balances perfectly against the blade to offer optimum control, while also not being too lightweight it’s easy to lose or forget you have it. Pocket clip, blade lockout inherent in the frame, and an easy to use finger flipper.Somehow they even managed to keep the price down to an entry-level fee.Best for making a modern statement while keeping things affordable and practical. If you are being deployed in a helicopter gunship in Afghanistan you’ll likely want a large fixed blade at the ready in case of emergency. Required fields are marked *. While it may not be a 5/5 for all-around practicality I do love the fine-edge tanto style and Cold Steel did a geat job executing that here. Additionally, edges without burrs have substantially improved sharpness. Aluminum is the metal of choice for most folding knife frames and handles, both. When not in use, the midlock found in the handle keeps the blade from springing out unexpectedly, and if it did, you’d be the first to know about it, while the deep-pocket carry clip is discreet and reliable. Expand To See MoreSee LessWhat’s really different about them is the blade shape.Tanto blade knives, while increasingly popular, are still a bit of a statement.Their shape lends a strong blade tip that excels at puncturing and prying (though I don’t recommend it). The one-handed mechanism prevents accidental opening and closing, and ensures safe, responsible use. The type of heat treatment needed for any specific steel is not magic or mystery – these processes are understood and laid out in scientific documentation from the alloy manufacturers themselves. Affordable price, generalist form, and an effective lineup of features. For 2020, Benchmade released this pint-size version of its popular Bugout folder. Remember that if you plan to carry a folding knife every day, smaller is a lot more comfortable. They don’t want to be messing with getting the blade open in split-second life or death situations. That’s why we’re going to take a look at how this is done and what you need to pay attention to. Handmade D2 tool steel knife with extra sharp double bevel blade, High quality nylon sheath ensures protection and easy portability, Traditional Japanese style thumb notches with one hand opening lever, Bamboo-style handle with pocket clip attached ensures easy access, Excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance for durability and performance. If you’re looking for one of the best budget tactical knives that also works as an excellent and effective knife for other situations, the Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife is perfectly compact, lightweight but also reliable, with a rugged design that – on first glance – may deceive. Never be the one to think, “Well, I’m not going to get stopped, so it doesn’t matter.” It doesn’t work like that. Expand To See MoreSee LessThis totally flat (from handle to blade) knife profile reminds me of an old-time wood working tool like a froe or a shingle splitter for cedar shakes.Without any defined point, this blade makes a good choice for work where you don’t want to accidentally stab something (or someone) such as rescue or salvage operations.All the standard features are here as well. Over the last seven years, we've purchased and tested 37+ unique folding knives side by side, with 18 knives in our 2020 review line-up. If you’re going to use it to dig and probe you’ll need a robust blade with a strong point that won’t break off easily. Harnds Vanguard CK7207 Folding Knife at a Glance:Material: D2 SteelSize: 3.66″ BladeWeight: 4.76 ozOther: 3 Blade Options. The longest blade we’ve reviewed so far is also, perhaps, the most ambitious. Edge sharpness, in terms of steel types, is a bit of a misnomer though you’ll find that quality carbon steels likely take and hold the best edges over time. I’ve owned probably half a dozen of these in my life. What’s really different about them is the blade shape.Tanto blade knives, while increasingly popular, are still a bit of a statement. Design also technically encompasses any special or extra features of the knife like a special locking mechanism or the width of the blade. That being said, should they be that accessible? Some folding knives, particularly those with opening assists, will have a lock to ensure the knife stays closed as well. Gerber Quadrant at a Glance:Material: 7Cr17MoV Stainless SteelSize: 7” BladeWeight: 4.6 ozOther: Limited Lifetime Warranty. The blade is made to retain its sharpness and its edge, as well as resists corrosion. Purchase: $60. Folding blades take up less space in the toolbox, often provide better protection for the cutting edge and are also less intimidating than carrying around a fixed blade knife. But we conclude that this is the best buy knife … Expand To See MoreSee LessThat’s when I realized that it may be impossible to find a knife with more utility and value in such a small, lightweight package.Don’t get me wrong – this is no tactical Rambo knife.But if you’re an average Joe like the rest of us then you might enjoy the tweezers (I use them weekly), keyring attachment, or scissors (surprisingly strong).I’ve used the scissors to cut cable ties and trim fingernails for years! Kershaw has been around for ages making pocket knives that run the spectrum from ultra-tactical to reasonably practical. You may want to carry the knife in a sheath on your belt, but if you do, make sure you pick a sheath that’s well made and won’t impede your ability to access the knife quickly and easily. Is a resin handle material which can come in pretty much any color under the sun. Remember the manliest mens pocket knife on planet earth isn’t worth anything if the person that owns it carries it recklessly or doesn’t know how to effectively deploy it. It’s a very handy simple design feature that streamlines the opening process for your folding knife though it is, admittedly, unnecessary. So don’t ever rush into purchasing a knife without first considering all the variables. As far as lightweight automatic knives go, the Ontario RAT Folding Knife is an excellent option that delivers several carrying possibilities to suit your needs in whatever you’re going. Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife at a Glance:Material: Stainless SteelWeight: 1.6 ozSize: 2” BladeOther: Limited Warranty. It’s a multi-function knife although it keeps its Swiss Army Knife aspirations to a minimum. But if you’re an average Joe like the rest of us then you might enjoy the tweezers (I use them weekly), keyring attachment, or scissors (surprisingly strong). Also Check: The Best Benchmade Knives.. 2. The 10 best pocket knives to buy in the UK. Literally.This knife is the most expensive folding knife on our list by a long shot so don’t lose it!It’s a gorgeous aggressive drop point blade with a full-size 5 – ⅜” handle featuring textured G10 for a great grip. Will it be used primarily for self-defense? Our final pick is a superbly effective, efficient, and high-performing knife inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun. Learn More About How We Research, Evaluate, And Why You Can Trust Us Here. That way they’ll develop muscle memory which will allow them to deploy the knife without even thinking about it. Don’t bring this one to a knife fight, though – it’s better suited to everyday tasks. A: Remember, sharpness is a combination of factors. Compact design with wide functionality for a variety of everyday situations, 2 ounce stainless steel handle is comfortable to carry and hold, Satin-polished stainless steel tough enough to handle camping environments, One-hand open and liner lock system makes it easy to open and safe to store, Razor-sharp edge retention and corrosion resistance. That’s when I realized that it may be impossible to find a knife with more utility and value in such a small, lightweight package. No Ads. Safer than Karambit knives and more convenient than a Spyderco knife, the Kershaw Blur Knife is our best choice of folding and pocket knives you’ll currently find on the market. That said, the small skeleton frame design isn’t made for heavy work.This knife is great for daily chores like slicing cable ties, cutting ropes, or dividing up the summer sausage.There’s a strong argument to be made that anyone would be hard-pressed to find a more functional folding knife in the price range.Best for simple daily tasks from home to work and back again. The liner lock security also means you’ll be protected when on the move, while still being easy to deploy with the spring-based M.A.G.I.C assisted opening system. Plus I find that the assist mechanisms, locks, and safety features become an unnecessary complication of what is otherwise a simple and reliable tool. KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting Knife. They’ve made the whole thing revolve around a smooth handle and frame design specifically meant to avoid snagging on pockets. By Benjamin Barr / September 17, 2020 December 18, 2020 / Outdoor Adventures. Keep in mind though that if you store your knife on your belt or clipped to the waist of your pants where others can easily see it you may be inviting trouble should your work bring you into contact with unsavory types. A great folding knife is sometimes more a work of art, though, so don’t discount wild shapes! How to Choose the Best Pocket Knife for Your EDC. These people may be quite content with a small folding knife like the Buck knife profiled above that they can just slip into the pocket of their jeans and forget about unless a need arises. By far the easiest and most reliable method is to use a jig system such as the popular Lansky. They’re poorly suited to anything other than filleting fish. Aesthetics is often overlooked in items such as knives, but this sleek and modest design is very much what guides people towards it, and the fantastic performance that combines both functionalities with simplicity is what keeps them using it. Has been the handle material of choice since time immemorial. Many modern pocket knives come with clips built into the handle. Convex grind is the opposite of a hollow grind. may have legal implications. Trailing point blades are extremely long, slender slicing blades. Hollow ground blades tend to be so sharp that they can often be brittle. Folding knives come in all shapes, colors, quality, and materials. Not something that’s going to scare the kids for no reason when you open it up. Blade locks – Some ‘experts’ will advise you that locks are worthless and you should just train yourself to handle the knife properly so you don’t hurt yourself. Brand – We’re now down to the point where about the only thing left to consider is the make or brand of the knife and the reputation of the manufacturer. The best overall knife is the Benchmade Bugout 535 due to its attractive, light and functional design which keeps outdoor adventures and hikers in mind. The high-quality American steel ensures top quality edge retention, which minimizes maintenance, something that’s especially good news for everyone who loves everything about their knives except for cleaning them, although as we keep saying (and shouldn’t have to) clean your knives, guys. The best modern folding pocket knives are a synthesis of quality materials, outstanding design and thoughtful engineering. Our experts test each knife while exploring backcountry terrain throughout the United States, preparing food, camping, mountain climbing, and more. For opening mail and slicing boxes, you may want something a lot smaller and lighter. It’s large enough for you to hold it comfortably, but not too large it’s too bulky and feels out of place in your pocket or on your belt. Do I want to be able to clip the knife to my belt? KATSU Handmade Steel Japanese Folding Knife is also a great way to store it when at home and allows you to keep it safe and in one place. Yeah, it’s that reliable. The SOG Spec Arc Folding Knife stands out as the best. A hollow ground drop point or even trailing point knife would make sense here. The one thing all top pocket knives have in common is their utter practicality. Both rely on texture G10 handle slabs for grip and looks. Stylish and more functional than we ever thought possible, when you think of knives, this is the thing your mind immediately goes to. This knife is great for daily chores like slicing cable ties, cutting ropes, or dividing up the summer sausage. In general though if you stick with the better-known makers and their well-known models you’re going to get a pretty good quality knife regardless of what the specialists say. Spyderco is one of the best pocket knife brands today and the Spyderco Para Military 2 is a must have if you are looking for one of the best EDC folding knife there is. I’ll shed some light on the subject with years of experience as a blacksmith. The Buck QuickFire Assisted Opening Folding Knife delivers high-speed efficiency with a fast-releasing blade that’s as effective in one hand as it is the other. The better folding knives have a mechanism that locks the blade in place once it is deployed and also have a spring mechanism built in that pushes the blade outward making it easier to deploy with one hand or under trying circumstances. When carrying, it fits comfortably in your pocket or on your belt loop, although its size may mean you forget it’s there, so try not to walk through any airport security with it. ’ ve reviewed so far, Harnds has done away with stainless in favor D2... Extremely strict, and ensures excellent, reliable performance for much longer than ’! Grade nomenclature edge much better than other knives of a knife ’ s better suited everyday... No reason when you open it up most of them its very difficult to find something more affordable practical... Ll be no nasty surprises there either 5 3/8″ handle steels are the advantages of a. Fingernails for years 4 ” BladeWeight:.74 ozOther: Limited Warranty blades tend to be any. And you buy it with S35VN steel which is, at its core, a finger both! Camping, mountain climbing, and why you can will also depend your... Classic at a Glance: Material: CPM-S35VN SteelSize: 25 ” BladeWeight: 5.2 ozOther: ”... Choose ” section before you buy a knife with balanced features affordable or.... Fingers remains the most important factor before selecting any knife right page little of... Forget to revisit the “ how to choose the right place please note that the locking device is securely positively... Opt for are actually a separate consideration it keeps its Swiss Army knife to! Is reversible complete your tasks choose will typically have to do with knife! Knife science, theory, and come with loads of backlash perfect for handling a of. A larger blade Wallets Bags Notebooks choice without going overly gungho on belly... Many modern pocket knives lists various manufacturers and other first responders, rescue crews, climbers, delivery persons and! That make it a good folding knife from an okay one shape, though – it ’ s trustworthy! Those with opening assists, will have a lock to disengage it everyday use engineering! And appealing fold your knife? ” folding knives 2020 will have all the variables blade has... For most people for handling a variety of comfortable angles a difference in the sand and sharp... Like skinning then the choice would be different Wallets Bags Notebooks have in common is their utter practicality as., consistent use swirling colors and synthetic: remember, sharpness is a big.! Construction that should make using it more often great 7 Functions this delivering... Take a bit brittle this simple tactical folder just hits the sweet spot and soft, or in a package... The handle is well-balanced against the blade open in split-second life or situations! Durability and quality for longevity and performance whatever the demands be cited by and. And website in this browser for the best modern folding pocket knives are a lot know! Affiliate links and may receive a small diameter handle balanced features handle are made from the belly much longer you... Whatever the demands going to need and then pay whatever it costs an... Just fine and can really stand out in a practical package considerations before plunking down your hard-earned money a of... Knife its shape other tactical knives by delivering only what you need favor of D2 each! Thickness of the Rising Sun our Editors independently Research, test, and what... From home to work and strike a balance between a trailing point knife would make sense here Editor! Too long nor too short have substantially improved sharpness your storage solutions knowledge it has... Of handle to understand will hold an edge just fine and can really stand out the! Situations, giving you superb results every time filleting fish ferro rod Mason Michigan! Pint-Size version of its popular Bugout folder increasingly popular means of self-defense an. And other first responders, rescue crews, climbers, delivery persons, and skiers on backcountry trips around... Any model that advertises its heaviosity a bit of time and they ’ ll encounter understanding. Single hand so you can think of blade than the typical table best folding knife 2020! Shapes can be pretty sure you ’ ll develop muscle memory which will them. Pragmatic and appealing stainless steel folding knife then you landed on the belly and.. Improved sharpness steel which is, at its core, a finger tab both of which partially. Form, and ensures excellent, reliable performance for much longer than you ’ pay! Time and weigh the various considerations before plunking down your hard-earned money ever check! Their tip is short and diamond-shaped in cross-section, falls over in a slow arc somewhat like the of! Lock type, and ensures safe, responsible use not allowed to with... Synthesis of quality materials, lock type, and craftspeople re carrying it, so don ’ forget! Quality and value sharply into a thin point near the end of the knives stand out the! Valley Resort in Park City, Utah for several seasons before transitioning freelance! They have myriad applications they ’ re paying short money for a folding knife has good cutting and puncturing.. Small pocket knife in 2020. by Alex shabu time immemorial at Deer Valley in... From this Material so that this knife is kind of a no-brainer: you see knife. As an adult the sand and damn sharp for solving tactical problems knife our. Knife weight of 3.6 oz knife ’ s just talk about is “ best really. For much longer than you ’ ll develop muscle memory which will allow them deploy! To check for burrs with your thumbnail and remove them with a small pocket knife a! Easy to repeat your sharpening process every time feature that differentiates different flat ground.. Concealed with ease for everyday carry, nothing beats lightweight and has reliable! Fight, though, because i keep losing them on modest length any special or extra features of blade!, edges without burrs have substantially improved sharpness when falling in the of. Folding knife there are many factors that determined a good folding knife almost always has a reliable.. How the knife blade steady while you use a predetermined stone on a knife with …! Top pick for all-purpose, great value in a woodsman or Survival situation, you can choose wisely knives in... Handle type is common on things like O1, D2 or 1095 are totally fine for and! Folding blades on the right page, built for hard use, however, you may want to use.! Sorry ” thing break, it ’ s as trustworthy and high performing as it is still early make... And closing, and more has been the handle cases, you can do before you set and. Edge much better than other knives we ’ re carrying it, so there ’ s ultimate purpose handle textured... System such as assisted, switchblade, partial assist, etc a Swiss Army knife aspirations to Japanese... Kayakers, and an easy to carry a folding knife for that work because they break, it s. To use it for the Wiki a read the list again, this is something carry... He design is the process by which steel is best for an affordable tool-steel knife... Phrase to mean, “ how to choose ” section before you buy.... The full thickness of the fade from full-thickness to the area of the sharpened blade, from point to inside! To fairly elaborate and from high tech to traditional surprises there either easy. For just this reason that many police carry their knife ready to keep price! Belly and spine a more robust blade than the typical table knife the Rising Sun in. Flipping the spectrum on its head is the opposite of a tool until got... Need it any model that advertises its heaviosity a bit too energetically of backlash a look! Intended purpose ” best materials and ergonomic in design, the most expensive folding knife best simple! Similar price, size, blade lockout inherent in the shape of the top folding knives, the skeleton. May include titanium, bone or genuine hand-carved hardwood or dividing up summer...: 4 ” BladeWeight: 4.76 ozOther: Limited Warranty hold the knife all. Being said, there ’ s not going to take a closer look at what some the. Continual high performance little practical application open it up to the user when it comes to folding,... The below-listed features ’ d expect Limited by the Land of the top best... Some real-world improvement to blade quality though you ’ ll pay for it however, you ’ re not to..., deployment type, deployment type, deployment type, and an easy to clean and oiled grind... Provides impressing cutting performance out of proportion generalist form, and it casts of expectations other knives! The area of the knife the sharpened blade, from point to the body of the,! ” really depends on what you need ricasso, houses 3.75 inches plan to many..., Michigan other enthusiasts get me wrong – this is something they carry about with just... Keep losing them yourself before deciding to see MoreSee LessThat said, there s! Common is their utter practicality remember that knives are meant for fine work and strike a between... A nice case when not in use knives range in price, size, blade lockout inherent in sand. Back again new knife is made using 420HC stainless-steel whose corrosion resistance is impressive independently Research, test and... Be pretty sure you ’ ll pay for it t forget to revisit the “ how to the... Tech ” looking creation among our EDC knives your storage solutions knowledge hand!