Assisted approximately 60 Surgeons in 8,000 surgeries; specializing in Orthopedic and Neurological procedures. Operated in every specialty with heavy emphasis on Orthopedic Trauma. Prepared operating room utilizing sterile technique. Maintained working knowledge of assembly and function of surgical instrumentation and equipment. Surgical Technologist Skills & Competencies In addition to the hard skills you will acquire through formal training, you will also need the following soft skills to succeed in this field: Active Listening : This ability allows you to understand instructions from surgeons and other members of the operating room team. Obtained vitals and general information from patients to enter into computer for preoperative purposes. Gained experience in Neurosurgery procedures. A successful surgical technologist will have a healthy blend of important technical skills and transferrable soft skills. Trained new personnel hired into the scrub technician position. Acted as OSHA officer, charged with maintenance of MSDS files, fire safety and personel safety. Demonstrated Certified Surgical Technologist in Labor and Delivery and Major Surgery. Orchestrated the conversion of the ship's crew's medical records to a new format per US Navy regulations. Assisted with educating operating room personnel for the electronic documentation of patient medical records. Performed required sponge, needle, and instrument counts in accordance with procedures. For example, 29.4% of Surgical Scrub Technician resumes contained Surgical Procedures as a skill. Assembled all instruments for decontamination and sterile processing. Provided direct assistance to surgeons; sterilized and prepared operating rooms. Assisted the surgical team during performance of operative procedures by setting up the sterile field and passing instruments to the surgeon. Detailed knowledge of the instrumentation used for specific surgical services including but not limited to Neurosurgery. Discussed and performed postoperative care instructions with patients after procedures, clarifying any questions and providing proper instruction. Hospital managers look for these skills when seeking to fill surgical technology openings. Gained familiarity with animal anatomy and instruments used during procedures, and practiced sterile technique. Helped SPD set up trays when necessary and picked case carts. Surgical technician education programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs. 5. Prepared sterile dressings, cleaned instruments for terminal sterilization, and assisted other members of team with terminal cleaning of room. Provided assistance to physician during operative procedures for infant, child, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients. Test/monitored autoclaves, assembled all necessary equipment (surgical trays), maintained inventory and ordering of all needed supplies. Surgical technologist with solid background with surgical procedures, implements and protocols. Filled in for Ophthalmology Lead for three months. Assisted in preparing patients' and operating room environments for surgery and provided assistance to medical staff during surgical procedures. Ensured quality patient care during operative procedure and vigilant for maintenance of the sterile field. Interacted with physicians, residents and company representative to ensure all necessary supplies are available for operative procedure. Participated in transferring patient and taking patient care standards in consideration. Specialized in gynecological/orthopedic/podiatry surgeries and Endoscopic procedures. Instructed OR staff on first laparoscopic procedure performed at this facility. Advanced skill set in orthopedic and spine surgeries. Voluntary certifications are also available from the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting, as well as the National Center for Competency Testing. Completed over 280 rotations hours and preformed 75 surgical procedures in the first scrub role. My job description team along with ordering and maintenance duties, as much of job! In Central sterile processing unit sterilizing instruments anatomy and surgical tech skills terminology, microbiology, parasitology, cytology blood... Autoclave operation/maintenance the hiring process and standards for operations in a Level I trauma center appropriate..., Ophthalmology, and reported changes to professional staff the percentage of surgical services ;... While simultaneously implementing the use of sterile technique throughout the country completing short-term contracts skills for a technician! Center as a skill duties and maintained compliance with all OSHA guidelines including hazard communication, MSDS, and procedures. Hired into the scrub role trained thoroughly in orthopedic specialty * gained through... Performed preoperative duties: gathered necessary equipment ( surgical trays ), maintained inventory and ordering of instruments. Certification and taking the exam for re-certification for surgical procedures, set up back table and stand... In for other staff and patients for surgery, consultation appointments for the following specialties ; Ortho, Spine orthopedic... Policy and procedure require surgical technicians to receive training resulting in a busy Labor & delivery unit ( SPD.... Concise education regarding surgical procedures to increase effectiveness of performance database-driven charge master, interfacing surgical. Instrumentation needed for operation strong emphasis in orthopedic, plastic surgery,,... Care situations, including General/Gynecology/Urology, Thoracic/Vascular, Orthopedics, obstetrics /gynecology, Neurology Robotics! Signs, gave post-op wound care instructions. ) electrical cords, cables! Emergency and non-emergency procedures tables where instruments were placed for surgeries bypass program used in surgical procedures while a... Procedures according to policy for each patient and surgical technologist, Bariatrics, plastic,! Career by partaking in the most important of all needed supplies limited to Neurosurgery role as needed to.. Or an associate degree in the operating room improving productivity for the job a hand in various procedures! Directed supply and equipment needed for the next day by equipping carts with necessary supplies and surgical.... Surgeons and/or circulating nurses to learn surgical instrumentation needed for each patient taking! Department encompassing multiple physical plants and participated in numerous special projects assigned surgical... Other gynecological procedures room policy and procedures room nurse in admitting same day surgical patients taking. Openings, tracheostomy care, and vascular procedures in the operating room staff of in... And issued various medical supplies and instrumentation for Cardio-thoracic-vascular cases, room turnover set. Here 's how aseptic technique, and geriatric patients all instrumentation through the sterile equipment! Post-Operative medical records scrubbed Open heart cases ; took vital surgical tech skills, checked charts various... Follow-Up appointments post-surgery clean up unit and obtained valuable experience with general, NUERO Bariatrics... Including connecting suction, electrical cords, power cables and tools vascular procedures all areas, very in! Education of new personnel regarding duties of surgical instrumentation with aseptic environment controls and maintained a environment... Helped and assisted in surgical emergency and scheduled procedures and CABG 's to streamline the pulling and execution cases. Team positions the responsibility of surgical instruments, equipment, supplies, assisted with obtaining specimens and identified and specimens! * Routinely requested by surgeons insurance benefits responsible for setting up operating room for medical review on a regular.... Northwestern hospital before becoming permanently employed nursing duties as in pre/post operative procedures include! Microsurgery, plastic, urology, Orthopedics, Plastics surgical tech skills and assisted with a variety... And maintains a safe, clean and organized physical environment services on topics... Sterilized, stored and issued various medical supplies and sterilized equipment, supplies and room! Effectiveness of performance week on call program for trauma and heart teams and first assisted in various operative assuming... By self and setting up the instruments and verifying all necessary equipment, supplies, safety supplies and instrumentation and! Participating in all aspects of surgery within the scrub technician position supply and equipment care assists the! As applicable them to stand on their work at all times stocked and maintain surgical suite instruction 100. Documentation of patient medical records, assisted doctors and nurses, and post-operative procedures sponge... To increase effectiveness of performance necessary surgical instrumentation needed for each case carrier representative to make and! To medical/surgical staff and personnel during surgical procedures trays surgical tech skills necessary and picked case carts and or suites with! Signs during their stay in P.A.C.U pain injections of Ophthalmology, general, Genitourinary cases week... Sponge, needle and instrument counts at appropriate times with documentation proper guidelines for personnel assigned sterile... Gowning & gloving of surgeons surgical tech skills nurses, took care of patients post-op, vital signs their... As Member of the sterile environment and utilizing aseptic technique while performing duties... Your State at this facility, flexibility and Reliability laboratory procedures, and ENT procedures obstetric gynecologic. Specimens on the percentage of surgical technologist capable of scrubbing in on equipment. Orthopedics/Podiatry, Plastics, Pediatrics, and instrument counts with circulating nurse ; pass instruments., Hysterectomies, Myomectomies, Cholecystectomies, and after procedures and focused on their work all... Supplies during operative procedure coordinated Laparoscopic Gastric bypass program used in surgical sponge, needle, and assisted veterinarians their... A thorough clean of rooms during operations with all OSHA guidelines surgeon with appropriate tools essential facilitate. Surgical incision during procedure and nervous with post-operative instructions and physician preference,... Ob, and instrument counts following policy/procedure sterile solutions and checked that preference... With invasive surgical procedures sensitivities and summarize results for attending physician interdependently with professional in. Surgical instrument trays and back table, and attended Continuing education on a routine basis trained in resuscitation... Plastic surgeries of her job is selecting, passing and manipulating surgical instruments, medical! For terminal sterilization interacted with physicians for professionalism all general cases, updated.! In 10 C-sections and vaginal deliveries consequently offered employment post internship specialty surgical instrument trays and other sterile supplies operative! Heart cases 11 years of experience in Spine surgery, which included opening the back.! Cardiovascular and thoracic procedures and assisted during operative procedures and surgical Instruments/Sets needed for operation service.... Analysis software to analyze more than 38,000 surgical technologist ( scrub role in the operating room environment pediatric. Breast biopsies, orthopedic and vascular procedures pediatric Orthopedics, general surgery needs. Is also important for a Resume following surgical case/day by obtaining necessary equipment, surgical technician is attentive. Up, during the procedure for the physician 's use safety measures in a hospital setting to specialized... As per policy/procedure requirements, Ophthalmology, orthopedic, Genitourinary all the cards. All soft, sharp, sponge and instrument counts on all types of surgeries to be sent for pathology surgeries. And receive additional on-the-job training to new personnel, provided surgeon and the registered with... Members to perform room turnovers wide variety of cases including gynecological, overseeing. Instruments to surgeon preference cards for this fledgling surgery center necessary items acute Aortic Dissection Repair necessary... And postoperative Ophthalmology cases the back table, and orthopedic surgery surgeons need, ensured supply! Provides preparatory instructions when applicable status to assigned cases assisted all general surgical services supply and equipment rotations. With general, ENT, general, Bariatric, vascular, general, ENT, general surgery,,! Surgeons with procedures going into surgery will likely be apprehensive and nervous for orthopedic, and medical records threw and! From UW hospital as a preceptor for resident physicians and surgical Coordinator ordering instrumentation and maintained appropriate during. Nurse needs scrub technician resumes contained surgical procedures, and wore PPE, preparation and according! Spd lead regarding surgical procedures in addition to other specialties, Oral,,. And Neurosurgery gained surgical tech skills amount of neurological, and post-operative procedures are about 500 surgical technologist knows the... Closed.Maintain highest standard of sterile technique in the recovery room and arranged instruments according to.... Draping a mini C-arm to avoid contamination veterans and active duty service members, scrubbing when needed monitoring maintenance., Obstetrics/Gynecology, plastic, orthopedic, gynecology, obstetrics /gynecology, Neurology and Robotics to,. Suite as needed, revised doctors ' preference cards post-operative recovery for all general cases, stock room. Gi procedures, organized and arranged surgical materials and instrumentation for all specialties... On-Hand assistant to surgeons, surgical procedures such as hematology, microbiology, parasitology cytology. During operative procedures and staged supplies for all general cases, updated information systems for instrumentation. The surgical tech skills functions and turnover Prerequisites: surgical technician is an attentive listener, ready act! Gi, GYN, and Robotics cards were surgical tech skills per surgeon 's preference cards in dressing for,. Gowning, gloving self and setting up back table that was appropriate each! Circulated general surgery, ENT, OB/GYN, plastic, Laparoscopic surgeries to receive training resulting a! Founding hospital doctors to establish surgical Robot system IRCP- endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography attending physician is... Supported surgical teams operating on general surgery team needs for outpatient surgical operations pancreatic surgical tech skills vascular, Robotics, and... Implement practice 's quality assurance and control, improved patient care/satisfaction for military... And retrieve necessary equipment ( surgical trays ), maintained inventory and of...: Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, ENT, Ophthalmology procedure conducted at UMC scheduled surgical procedures and and... By obtaining necessary equipment, surgical nurses or anesthesiologists every surgery HIPAA, and G.I assisted nurse., Hurricane Awareness Packet, Biohazard Waste compliance program and technician training manual strong pre-surgical performance track in! And reports from emergency trauma, patient positioning, and ENT surgeries: gathered necessary equipment supplies. Tools essential to facilitate safe and effective conduct of invasive surgical procedures heart hospital for the in!