Retro PC Mania: test your retro knowledge!

One could probably be confident that an iOS (iPhone/iPad) application has nothing to do with this site. Well this is not entirely true, since the said application tests your retro computing knowledge!

Yep, that's true! This app from Fabrizio Farenga tests your knowledge in 3 levels; in the first level you have to choose the correct computer model from a series of photos. In the next level you have to choose the correct manufacturer of the depicted computer. Finally, in the third and most demanding level you must choose the year that the computer on your device's screen was released.

I think that I'm not exagerating by saying that this little game is highly addictive and that it gave me some good times. It's a good thing that it can run on older IOS devices, as is my 'ancient' iPhone 4. If you have an iOS device you' ll have to try it - trust me!

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